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    Areolar Reduction / Lift

    Areolar Reduction / Lift, Beverly Hills Plastic SurgeryAreolar Reduction / Lift

    Nipples and areolas are the central characteristics of your breasts. The shape and size of the nipples and areolas (the pigmented area surrounding the nipples) are the primary contributors to an attractive breast appearance.

    However, aging effects, pregnancy and breastfeeding, and heredity factors can cause your nipples and areolas to stretch and become disproportionately large over time. Dr. David Kim can correct this condition with an aerolar reduction surgery, which may sometimes be combined with a breast lift.

    Candidates for Areolar Reduction/Reshaping Surgery

    If you are self-conscious about the size, shape or appearance of your nipples and areolas, you can benefit from an areolar reduction surgery with Dr. Kim. You could be a candidate for this procedure if you have one or more of the following aesthetic concerns:

    • Enlarged areolas
    • Misshapen areolas
    • Asymmetric areolas
    • Puffy areolas
    • Elongated nipples
    • Droopy nipples

    Surgical Procedure for Areolar Reduction

    Dr. Kim will create a customized plastic surgery plan to reduce the size of your areolas and nipples and/or refine their shape to make them appear more desirable and natural looking. In case, the areolas are asymmetrical, Dr. Kim may just work on one of them to restore balance and symmetry.

    Rather than adopt a one-size-fits-all approach to areolar reduction, Dr. Kim will take into account your overall breast appearance, your specific concerns and your preferred look to reduce or modify the areolas and nipples. Dr. Kim will perform the surgery with minimal to no visible scarring in this aesthetically sensitive location.

    Areolar reduction surgery is usually performed using only local anesthesia and sedation. Dr. Kim will create an incision around the areolar border to keep the subsequent scarring inconspicuous. Through the incision, he will remove the precise amount of excess tissue to restore a youthful size and shape of the areola. Finally, he will close the wound with sutures and place a dressing for safe healing.

    Nipple Reduction Surgery

    Dr. Kim may perform a nipple reduction surgery for suitable candidates using the flap technique or the wedge technique. In the flap technique, he will create an incision around the nipple’s base at the precise projection level you want. Through the incision, he will remove the excess tissue, and turn the flap down to restore a smaller sized nipple. In the wedge technique, Dr. Kim will surgical remove a wedge-shaped piece of tissue from the nipple and reattach the nipple’s sides to create a youthful nipple.

    Breast Lift Combined with Areolar Reduction Surgery

    In Dr. Kim’s experience, patients with heavily droopy breasts may also have enlarged areolas or elongated nipples because the skin looses elasticity due to extended periods of sagging. In these cases, he may recommend a combined breast lift and areolar reduction surgery.

    Dr. Kim will aim to use common incisions for both procedures to make the surgery less invasive and minimize the scarring. He will excise the precise amount of excess tissue from the breast as well as the nipple-areolar complex to provide a proportionate appearance with newly lifted and firm breasts.

    Results and Recovery

    If you have only had an areolar reduction surgery, the recovery will be fairly quick. However, when the procedure is combined with a breast lift, you may expect to have a downtime of about one week. Once the swelling is fully resolved, you can enjoy noticeable and highly appealing results, both in general and in your intimate life.