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    Uneven Breasts / Asymmetry Correction

    Uneven Breasts / Asymmetry Correction, Beverly Hills Plastic SurgeryUneven Breasts / Asymmetry Correction

    Some degree of asymmetry or unevenness in the breasts is quite normal and is present in many women. However, when the difference between the breasts is significant, with one breast conspicuously larger or differently shaped than the other, it becomes an aesthetic concern. Dr. David Kim will discuss the treatment options for breast asymmetry correction during your initial consultation, and help you make the right decision.

    Causes of Uneven or Asymmetrical Breasts

    Factors that typically cause asymmetrical breast appearance include:

    • Breast volume in one breast is higher than the other
    • The inframammary fold (breast crease) is positioned differently
    • Size, shape, or position of the areolas is uneven
    • Breasts are differently shaped
    • Amount of skin tissue is at variance

    The underlying causes of these conditions include tuberous breasts, under-development of one breast bud, birth defects, and previous breast surgery.

    Surgical Options for Breast Asymmetry Correction

    Dr. David Kim’s goal in each case of breast asymmetry is to match the two breasts as naturally as possible in size and shape. Depending on the condition, he will create a custom surgery plan that involving making the larger breast smaller or the smaller one larger.

    Fat Transfer Breast Surgery

    If the breast asymmetry or uneven breast appearance is not excessive, Dr. Kim may recommend a fat transfer breast surgery. He will begin the procedure by extracting donor fat from the abdomen, buttocks, or thighs through liposuction, and then purify the fat using a centrifugal process.

    The purified fat will then be injected into one or both breasts at precise depths and in precise quantities to create shapely and proportionate breast appearance. Accurate adjustment of the breast size, shape, and positioning is possible with Dr. Kim’s skillful fat transfer injection techniques.

    Breast Implant Surgery

    If one breast is noticeably smaller than the other, Dr. Kim may recommend breast augmentation surgery to correct the asymmetry. You will have a choice between saline, silicone, and ultra cohesive silicone implants. Multiple implant sizes are available, and Dr. Kim will help you choose the most appropriate size that will augment the smaller breast to provide a more congruent breast appearance.

    If you want to have more voluptuous looking breasts or a larger bust, Dr. Kim may use a small implant in one breast, while a larger implant in the other to achieve the desired breast augmentation.

    Breast Reduction Surgery

    Depending on your overall body figure and proportions, you might want to achieve a smaller bust size while correcting breast asymmetry. In this case, Dr. David Kim may perform a breast reduction surgery in the oversized breast. Excess breast tissue may be removed through surgical extraction or liposuction or a combination of the two. This will depend on whether fatty tissue or glandular tissue is causing a disproportionately large breast.

    Breast Lift Surgery

    In some cases, the uneven breast shape may result from heavy sagging of one breast compared to the other. Dr. Kim can correct this condition with a breast lift surgery, which will firm up the sagging breast tissue and raise the breast and areola to a new, youthful level. Depending on your needs, breast lift may be combined with breast implants to create the perfect figure you are looking for.