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    Breast Implant Removal

    Breast Implant Removal, Beverly Hills Plastic SurgeryBreast Implant Removal

    In exceptional circumstances, you might want to have your breast implants taken out without a replacement. Dr. David Kim can perform a breast implant removal surgery to accomplish this goal. As part of the surgery, Dr. Kim will also focus on removing the silicone debris and scar tissue. In many cases, breast implant removal surgery is combined with breast lift because the breast skin may have lost elasticity and sagged over the years with implants.

    Why Some Women Require Breast Implant Removal?

    Here are three major reasons why some women may want to have a breast implant removal surgery:

    • Implant-Related Complications: Implant leakage, rupture, ripples, malpositioning, or capsular contracture may prompt a woman to decide against implant replacement and choose implant removal.
    • Breast Implant Illness: In rare cases, a woman may experience breast implant illness or complications because of the original implants. She may prefer to have the implants removed rather than replaced.
    • Personal Choice: If your body proportions have changed over time, or you no longer want an implanted device in your body and wish to restore a natural look, you may go for a breast implant removal surgery.

    Types of Breast Implant Removal Surgery

    Simple Breast Implant Removal 

    In this procedure, Dr. David Kim will create a cut in the scar tissue to carefully take out the implant while leaving the scar capsule in its place. This natural scar tissue will gradually get removed from the body through the metabolic process without causing any complication. If the scar tissue capsule is thin and will disintegrate easily, Dr. Kim may use this technique. The advantage with this procedure is that it is less invasive with minimal discomfort and downtime.

    Total Capsulectomy

    In this procedure, Dr. Kim will remove the breast implant as well as the scar tissue breast capsule. However, these both may not be removed in one piece. At first, the implant will be taken out from the capsule through an incision. Thereafter, Dr. Kim will separate the capsular tissue from the surrounding healthy tissue to remove it entirely, sometimes in broken pieces. The goal of a total capsulectomy is to eliminate the entire scar tissue, unlike a partial capsulectomy that will leave some capsular tissue fragments behind.

    En Bloc Capsulectomy

    In a few cases, Dr. David Kim may be able to perform an en bloc capsulectomy for breast implant removal. Following the incision, if Dr. Kim determines that the capsular scar tissue is not inextricably attached to the chest wall, he may decide to take out the full capsule along with the silicone implant as one unit. In this case, the breast implant will remain intact within the scar capsule throughout the surgery. The advantage of en bloc capsulectomy is that it minimizes the possibility of silicone gel moving out to other areas.

    Combining Breast Implant Removal with a Breast Lift

    Dr. Kim’s patients for breast implant removal usually like to combine it with a breast lift surgery for more attractive and natural looking final outcome. An additional scar in the breast fold will be necessary, but both the implant removal and breast lift can be performed together as one surgery. The breast lift will tighten and firm up the saggy tissue. Dr. Kim will reposition the breasts and the nipples to an elevated position for a perkier and youthful breast appearance.