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    Breast Reconstruction

    Breast Reconstruction, Beverly Hills Plastic SurgeryBreast Reconstruction

    Following mastectomy, a woman has a choice to undergo breast reconstruction surgery to restore a natural looking breast appearance. Most patients now prefer to have a breast reconstruction because it helps renew their sense of femininity and aesthetic appeal once the shape and size of the breast is recreated. With this safe and proven reconstructive procedure, women no longer have to feel self-conscious about a missing breast after mastectomy.

    DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction Technique

    Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforator (DIEP) flap breast reconstruction is a widely used and highly advanced surgical technique today. A key advantage with this technique is that the reconstructed breast will have a softer and more natural feel. DIEP flap reconstructive surgery involves removal of donor skin and fatty tissue from a surplus area in your body, which is used to build a new breast mound.

    During DIEP flap breast reconstruction, Dr. David Kim will detach excess skin tissue from the abdomen and re-attach it to your chest wall. Thereafter, he will connect the donor tissue blood vessels to the breast area blood vessels to ensure normal blood flow. The donor site skin will be smoothed and the wound be closed with sutures. Dr. Kim will complete the surgery by placing drain tubes in the new breast site to ensure safe healing.

    Advantages of DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction

    • The new breast mound will softer and more natural
    • Compared other flap techniques, DIEP is less invasive
    • The reconstructed breast provides a lasting solution
    • Downtime and recovery is relatively shorter
    • Abdominal contouring is an incidental/additional benefit

    Breast Implant Reconstruction Technique

    Depending on your anatomical needs and personal goals, Dr. David Kim may recommend breast implant reconstruction technique. One of the benefits is that a larger breast size can be created by using larger implants. Moreover, the scarring is relatively lesser and the abdominal area is not involved in the surgery.

    You will have a choice between saline, silicone, and ultra cohesive implants. With high quality silicone implants, it’s now possible to mimic the touch and feel of the natural breast tissue. Breast reconstruction with implants involves relatively lower level of discomfort and downtime compared to the flap surgery techniques.

    Nipple and Areola Reconstruction

    When you undergo breast reconstruction, you might feel the results are somewhat incomplete without the natural appearance of the areola and nipple. Depending on your situation, Dr. David Kim may recommend a nipple reconstruction surgery. This procedure is usually performed a few months after the breast reconstruction.

    Skin grafting is a proven technique to perform this procedure. Dr. Kim may obtain a skin graft from the ear lobe or the remaining areola and nipple to recreate a new nipple. The results are quite realistic because Dr. Kim will take into account your natural skin color and texture.

    Breast Reconstruction Restores Your Natural Body Contour

    No matter which surgical technique you may choose for your breast reconstruction, Dr. Kim will help you achieve your goals by rebuilding a natural looking breast. Your body contour will be significantly enhanced and the symmetry between the breasts will be restored. Your self-esteem is likely to improve dramatically after this surgery.