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    Breast Implant Revision

    Breast Implant Revision, Beverly Hills Plastic SurgeryBreast Implant Revision

    Breast implant revision, alternatively known as breast augmentation revision, is a procedure to replace or remove existing breast implants. Dr. David Kim may perform a breast implant revision surgery if you have experienced complications with your current implants, or you want to replace or remove implants for personal or cosmetic reasons. Women also seek breast implant revision from Dr. Kim if they are unsatisfied with the results of their previous breast augmentation with another surgeon.

    When Should You Choose Breast Implant Revision?

    If you are facing implant-related problems, such as implant rupture, leak, shifting, or capsular contracture, it may be medically necessary to have a breast implant revision. For your own safety and to obtain best results with minimal risk of complications, you should consult with Dr. David Kim at the first indication of implant damage.

    Breast implant technology has dramatically improved over the years. If you want to choose the latest ultra cohesive silicone or gummy bear breast implants, or you wish to change the implant size, shape, or profile, you may consider breast implant revision surgery. For health reasons or simply to restore a natural looking, you also have an option of implant removal.

    Breast Implant Revision Requires a Highly Skilled Surgeon

    It is important to understand that breast implant revision is usually a more intricate surgery compared to your primary breast augmentation. Your surgeon will have to deal with potential implant related complications, sagging breast tissue, additional scarring, or other concerns while ensuring you achieve your desired aesthetic outcomes.

    Dr. David Kim is highly trained and experienced in performing all types of breast implant revision using advanced surgical techniques and technology. He will combine the principles of science and art to provide you results that are safe, healthy, and aesthetically appealing for a long time to come.

    Breast Implant Revision Recovery

    When you undergo a breast implant revision surgery, your breast tissue and skin is already accustomed to an implanted device. While this is an advantage, the recovery experience after the revision surgery will not be much different from what you had following your primary breast augmentation. Temporary bruising and swelling in the incision sites is expected, which will resolve on its own. You should be ready to return to your normal routine or go to work in about one week.

    Is Breast Implant Revision worth it for Aesthetic Reasons?

    No matter whether you choose breast implant revision for clinical or cosmetic reasons, Dr. Kim’s goal will be to provide you with attractive, youthful, and harmonious looking breasts, while taking care of your health and safety. Almost all the patients who choose to have an elective or medically necessary breast implant revision with Dr. Kim find the procedure completely worthwhile.

    This surgery not only enhances your health and physical appearance, but may also provide a boost to your self-esteem and self-confidence. This adds new value to your personal as well as professional life. You can flaunt your new look in social settings and wear the clothes of your choice. You can expect an improved quality of life once you have attained the breast appearance of your dreams.