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    Adjustable breast implants are they for you?

    Adjustable breast implants may be making the rounds again. In theory the concept of changing your mind after breast augmentation may sound like a good idea. Patients who have breast augmentation are often fearful of choosing the wrong size implants. Usually the the fear is based on the idea that they will be too large. The truth is, after surgery, it is rarely the case. As a matter of fact,universally women report that after breast augmentation they wished they would have chosen larger breast implants. This is not the case in Dr. Kim’s practice. Dr. Kim and his staff spend the neccessary time to help patients determine the best breast implant size through conversation, Dr. Kim’s before and after photos, and Dr. Kim’s experienced recommendation. There are many factors to consider when exploring breast augmentation options. Are saline or silicone implants better for you? Patients who have very little of their own breast tissue may have a better result with silicone implants; therefore adjustable breast implants would not be an option. Does the patient need a breastlift? Are there chest wall asymmetries? If so, any of these factors may change the recommendation of Dr. Kim. Patients should be open to different types of breast implants based on the doctors recommendation for their specific situation. According to a recent online industry article instead of deciding on a size before the surgery and hoping for the best result, doctors who use adjustable implants place a small port that connects to the implant underneath the skin. If the patient decides to go a little bit bigger, the plastic surgeon injects additional saline into the implant. If she wants a little less volume, the doctor removes some.

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