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    When it comes to plastic surgery procedures, anesthesia is one of the major concerns that patients have. This could be because the patients has never been under the effects of anesthesia or that they are just not comfortable with the fact that they will be unconscious while a serious procedure is being performed on their body.

    In order to calm some of your fears about plastic surgery and being under anesthesia, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery is offering to give you some basic information about anesthesia and the different types that are available.

    Going from the lightest to the heaviest anesthesia:

    Local Anesthesia – just like the name says it is a local and used only in the area that the surgery is taking place. This anesthesia does not put you asleep and you will be awake for the entire procedure. This usually comes in the form of an injection or ointment.

    Sedating – To be sedated the patient is given a solution that is injected intravenously. Although there are different levels of sedation the general feeling is that you will be awake but sleepy and most likely not remember the surgical procedure at all.

    Regional – Produces almost the same results as sedation but in a different way. A block is put up against the surrounding nerves in the area.

    General – This is the most common anesthesia used in major plastic surgery. During the surgery using this anesthesia you will be asleep and you will not remember anything afterwards. It can be injected intravenously or inhaled.

    After being underneath anesthesia for any period of time you will have to recover from the effects before you are allowed to leave. This means being placed in a recovery area for a nurse to observe you while you recover; the heavier the anesthesia, the longer it takes to recover. Your plastic surgeon will give you a set of instructions specifically suited for you in order to go through proper recovery.

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