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    Attention: The New Wave To Elimate Fat Is Here

    Attention: The new wave to eliminating excess fat has finally arrived.

    Or has it?

    Although it is still in it’s experimental stages, lipodissolve is believed by some to be the new medical technology of the future pertaining to liposuction procedures.

    Dr. Kim and Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery DO NOT and WILL NOT perform the lipodissolve procedure. The procedure does not have the approved knowledge of the FDA, and without that, we cannot trust this procedure yet. Dr. Kim has and will continue to perform various other types of liposuction procedures and does so with satisfied patients and outstanding results.

    The lipodissolve procedure reflects its name in that it uses a series of injections meant to ’dissolve’ away small fat deposits. The procedure is fairly safe, though it’s still questionable due to the fact that it lacks a standard ingredient list. Each doctor may be using different ingredients for the lipodissolve procedure, making it somewhat risky.

    It’s also of great concern that it is not entirely known as to where the fat goes once it’s dissolved. Since the fat is not literally being taken out of the body, some doctors, like Dr. Kim, wonder where the fat actually going.

    Please feel free to browse through the rest of the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery website for more information on liposuction and other plastic surgery procedures. Dr. Kim and Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery are proud to be serving the Los Angeles and Beverly Hills area.

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