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    Body Piercings Are Not Harmless

    When we look at body piercings, especially in Southern California, where it’s prevalent most people feel as though it’s pretty harmless. Everything KTLA report found that that’s not necessarily the case. According to the news story almost of 20 percent of body piercings end up with bacterial infections, according to a paper published by Dr. Anne Laumann, chief of dermatology at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago. Piercings are dangerous even though many people do not think so, said Laumann. There are piercings that can cause other complications. Complications could be temporary problems such as interference with X-rays ,MRIs, and surgery because the health care provider cannot remove the jewelry, or worse complications such as broken teeth or gum damage from tongue piercings. They can even be fatal, such as infections that reach the heart or other vital organs. Twenty-three percent of generation Y’rs had at least one body piercing other than the earlobe in 2010, said the Pew Research Center. That was 23 times more than baby boomers, 1 percent of whom have piercings. Popular piercing sites other than the earlobe include the nose, eyebrow, tongue, nipple, navel and genitalia. Patient should be aware if they are considering cosmetic surgery in most cases they will have to remove body piercings. Patients who consult with Dr. Kim for breast augmentation and have nipple piercings often ask if they have to remove them. Once they find that it is necessary, many are anxious to know when they can have them re-pierced. Dr. Kim advises patients individually with respect to his recommendations. It is wise for patients to consider their and breast augmentation result (which they are likely to be very pleased with) before insisting upon new piercings. Patients who are considering abdominoplasty or abdominal liposuction will also be required to remove any bellybutton piercings. Although body piercings are a personal decision, some patients who have had cosmetic plastic surgery enjoy the benefits of their new shape and contour and are less likely to choose body piercing as an adornment.

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