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    Breast Augmentation; How Big Is Too Big?

    Once a woman makes the decision to have breast augmentation, there can be a great deal of anxiety concerning the right size breast implants to choose. While it is true that the choice of size is ultimately up to the patient there are guidelines for choosing the right size breast implants. Choosing the size of breast implants is not related to silicone or saline implants. Patient should have a general idea of the type of look or appearance they would like to achieve after breast augmentation. As an artist as well as a highly skilled plastic surgeon Dr. Kim is able to create exceptional results for patients by taking into consideration not only their desires, but also what is most aesthetically pleasing. While very few patients approached the breast augmentation process with the idea that they would like to be as big as possible; there are some women who feel this way. It is important for patients to realize that the bigger the implant, the more the risk for capsular contracture (excessive hardening of scar tissue around the implant) becomes a reality. Breast implants are sized with specific measurements based on the patient’s measurements. The breast implant manufacturers have measurement guidelines that help to determine which implant would be most likely to help the patient achieve the look that they desire. Of course, because breast augmentation is not an exact science, the skill and expertise of the plastic surgeon is a large part of the equation for achieving exceptional results. Dr. Kim advises patients when choosing their breast implants and will make recommendations based on his experience as well as the patient’s breast measurements and body type. Patients should consider wardrobe selection following plastic surgery. If patients choose extremely large breast implants that are not proportionate with the rest of their body there is a likelihood that they may no longer be able to wear clothes that they have in their wardrobe or buy clothes easily.

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