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    Breast Augmentation: Proper Placement

    If you are amongst the many patients seeking to have the rather popular breast augmentation surgery in the US today, it is crucial that you read on. Before undergoing this procedure, you need to make sure your plastic surgeon has the correct board certification, such as Dr. Kim with Beverly Hill Plastic Surgery.

    Upon your initial consultation with Dr. Kim you’ll quickly learn about a number of factors pertaining to your breast augmentation surgery. One of which, directly relates to the placement of the implants. After examining you, Dr. Kim will be able to go over the proper placement for your particular type of breast augmentation surgery.

    Placement for your implant will depend on your current breast, and other bodily factors. Suglandular implant placement places the implant underneath the breast tissue, and above the chest muscles. Partial submuscular implants are placed under the breast tissue, and only partially underneath the chest muscles. In addition to these two placement options, there is also the complete submuscular implant placement which places the implant completely underneath the chest muscles.

    Dr. Kim and Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery is one of the leading plastic surgery options in the Los Angeles and Beverly Hills area. Dr. Kim has undergone many years of experience with breast augmentation surgery and will be able to decide the best implant placement option for your body.

    Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery and Dr. Kim serves patients in the Beverly Hills and Los Angeles area. For additional information regarding breast augmentation implant placement, or other types of plastic surgery, please continue to visit the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery website and/ or contact us today to set up a consultation with Dr. Kim.

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