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    Breast Augmentation: Who Should Choose the Size of the Implants?

    With the popularity of breast augmentation there are many questions patients have when considering the procedure. Some of the questions many patients ask Dr. Kim concern the breast implants and sizing. For some patients it can be a question filled with anxiety. Dr. Kim makes a point to help alleviate any fears or concerns that patients may have concerning breast implants and sizing. First, patients should understand that both saline and silicone implants are FDA approved as safe medical devices. Breast implants remain one of the most studied medical devices used today. Dr. Kim offers both types of implants and helps patients to understand if he has a preference of one over the other the detailed reasons as to why he is making the recommendation. When considering sizing for breast implants patients must first understand that the final decision lies solely with the patient. This means that it is not a good idea to allow a boyfriend or a significant other to choose the size of the patient’s implants if the patient is not in total agreement. It is also important for patients to understand the type of look they would like to achieve and take into consideration their lifestyle and personality when making the decision. As a general rule most patients will increase their bust size with breast augmentation by two cup sizes. This means that if the patient wears an A cup most patients will increase to a C cup. This accounts for approximately 80% of the patient population. 10% would choose smaller implants and 10% will choose larger implants. Patients must fully understand that bra sizes are not universal and that bra cup size cannot be guaranteed. Overall, patient should trust that as an artist and skilled plastic surgeon Dr. Kim is committed to helping patients make the right decision.

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