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    Breast Revision Plastic Surgery; What Patients Need to Know

    Revisions in plastic surgery can cause patients a great deal of anxiety and angst. Plastic surgery is not a perfect science and even when doctors operate to the best of their ability and patients are on their best behavior revisions could be needed sometime closely following surgery. Generally patients are advised to return to the original operating plastic surgeon when at all possible. When that is not possible or it is not the patient’s choice Dr. Kim invites the patient for an initial consultation. Patients should be aware that when consulting for a secondary surgery patients should if at all possible bring their medical records and any other supporting information that will help Dr. Kim during the consultation. They should also be aware that secondary surgeries carry a slightly higher risk with regard to possible complications. It is important for patients to have the right mindset and not to be concerned with blame or regret when the goal is to improve upon the results if possible. Breast revision surgeries tend to be the most popular since breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure. Patient concerns could range from dissatisfaction with breast implant size, to severe rippling or asymmetries. Dr. Kim explains to patients that when at all possible his goal is to minimize the extent of surgery required. With breast revision surgery there could be a need to perform a capsulectomy( removing excess scar tissue) as well as exchanging breast implants. Each of these procedures could add time to the surgery which could also increase surgery fees. Dr. Kim’s patients are able to benefit from his natural artistic ability combined with surgical expertise when performing revision surgery. It is important for patients to have realistic expectations prior to their breast revision surgery and understand that the goal is to improve upon the existing result is much as possible. Dr. Kim encourages patients who are considering breast revision surgery to schedule a consultation to discover which solutions are best for them.

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