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    Brides to be Favor- the Feeding Tube Diet

    Brides and diets are nothing new. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the few times women are excused from ignoring all nutritional guidelines for the sake of looking their best on that special day. According to recent ABC news story the controversial K-E diet, uses a feeding tube to help dieters shed 20 pounds in just 10 days. Your hunger and appetite go away completely, so patients are absolutely not hungry at all for the whole 10 days, said Dr. Oliver Di Pietro. A feeding tube is inserted into the dieter’s nose and slowly runs, a steady consistent drip of a protein and fat combination directly into their stomachs for a total of 800 calories. It is claimed that body fat is burned through a process called ketosis, and the theory is that it leaves muscle intact. Doctors are supposed to supervise the diet, but patients aren’t admitted to the hospital. Instead, they have to tote the bag of food solution with them and keep the tube in their nose for the 10 days straight, needed to lose the 20 pounds. This diet according to the ABC news story appears to have special appeal for brides- to –be as they consider quick ways to lose weight and still look good. Dr. Kim advises brides against any drastic measures close to the wedding day. It is typically advised that patients who are considering plastic surgery procedures prior to their wedding schedule them a minimum of three months prior to the wedding day. The most popular procedures among brides are breast augmentation and liposuction. Both of these procedures would have a marked effect on how the wedding dress fits, which is the main reason for allowing enough time for swelling to be reduced and healing to have taken place prior to the fitting for the wedding gown. Drastic weight loss after body contouring procedures or breast augmentation is not advised.

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