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    Caffeine buzz may be part of your imagination

    It is hard to find an adult who doesn’t reach for a cup of coffee early in the morning. Many of us claim to need it to get going. A new study says that this may be a figment of our imagination. If this is the case, then some people may want to consider reducing their caffeine intake.Dr. Kim consults with patients who are considering breast augmentation and some patients tell him that they have a lumpy and bumpy consistency to their breast tissue which becomes worse with increased caffeine consumption. Sometimes they ask if this will affect their breast implants. Dr. Kim explains that the implants are separate from the patient’s own breast tissue. The majority of the time the implants are placed below the muscle and the breast tissue is not disturbed . So if patients have better breast health by avoiding caffeine,then they should follow the same routine after surgery.Dr. Kim also instructs the patient to follow the recommendations of the American Cancer Society which include monthly breast self exams for all women, and annual mammograms for women over 40 years of age. Patients who have a concern with caffeine should consider this study that claims to prove, that we don’t really get a buzz when we drink it. According to ABC7 researchers at University of East London gave study participants coffee they thought contained caffeine, but it was actually decaffeinated coffee.

    Even so, researchers noticed an improvement in performance and mood.

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