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    Can A Minute of Exercise A Day Really Make A Difference?

    A recent ABC news story gives new meaning to the question: do you have a minute? According to the news story a minute of exercise per day can be extremely beneficial. The news story reported that according to psychologist Dr. Frank Lawlis and fitness pro Michael Carson who co-created the MyMobileMinute program, you can have success in a minute. The program requires a minute or two of exercise done specifically before you eat. Carson says this small burst of activity changes the whole chemistry in your body and tells your body that you’re either fleeing from something or hunting or gathering for something like we did in our predatory times, Studies have proven that even as few as 30-second bursts of rigorous movement allow glucose to below two muscles efficiently and help to reduce the appetite. Dr. David Kim explains to his patients that maintaining a stable weight through diet and exercise is not only critical to their health but also to maintaining long-term results after plastic surgery procedures. This is most important for body contouring procedures including liposuction and abdominoplasty. Often patients are misled to believe that after having liposuction it is impossible to gain the weight back in the areas that were treated. Patients must remember that all of the fat cells were not removed. There are remaining fat cells that can in fact become overpowered which in turn would mean the patient would gain weight. Breast augmentation results can also be altered if patients have significant weight gain or weight fluctuation. The best advice for health and appearance is to maintain a steady and stable weight that is proportionate to a patient’s height.

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