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    Can your man have a super hero body?

    These days what used to be visible only in cartoons and sketches has made it to the big screen. More men days are concerned with achieving an enviable chest and washboard abs. Dr. Kim explains that in some cases the chest may have excessive male breast tissue which can be embarrassing for men. Gynecomastia surgery allows Dr. Kim to remove the breast tissue and create a more masculine toned and fit appearance. Liposuction helps to remove small amounts of fat from the abdomen. If there are toned muscles underneath then they will be much more evident after surgery. It is important that men understand they will not have a superhero body just because they have chosen plastic surgery. Even with proper diet and exercise this is difficult if not impossible to achieve for most people. According to The Los Angeles Times perhaps you’ve wondered how those actors achieved the chiseled abdominals, powerful pecs and bulging biceps — and whether you could manage to get them yourself without their superhero powers.
    The short answer: Probably not. But we can still do pretty well for ourselves even when fitting fitness into a mere mortal’s existence that involves going to work, taking care of kids, preparing family meals, changing toxic diapers and waking in the night to be regaled with tales of the slime monster in Junior’s closet.

    Actors, on the other hand, are able to rely on top personal trainers to help them work out every day, chefs who prepare tailored meals and Sisyphean determination.

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