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    Doctors warn against “downer drinks”

    It seems logical that if energy drinks are bad because of overly stimulating ingredients then drinks with extreme calming effects should be good. Right? Well, doctors say no to downer drinks. Once again, natural ingredients can be harmful to your health. Dr. Kim explains to his patients prior to surgery that their complete medical history should include all drugs being taken including over-the-counter drugs, supplements, and excessive consumption of vitamin and energy drinks. This applies to all patients including young people who are likely to be having shorter procedures such as breast augmentation or small amounts of liposuction. Drugs and supplements can interfere with medications used for anesthesia as well as medications used during recovery. The best patient experience is made possible with open communication between the patient, Dr. Kim and his staff. It may come as a surprise that what you eat can affect your surgery but there are definitely foods and drinks doctors warn against. According to ABC7 many relaxation drinks contain stuff found at vitamin stores like valerian root, rose hips, kava, and melatonin. Yet studies are mixed about the long term use of some of these ingredients.The FDA sent a letter to Bianchi last year, warning that melatonin is an unapproved food additive. So now Drank is sold as a dietary supplement rather than a beverage.Still, there are fans, including acupuncturist Tom Ingegno who even recommends anti-energy drinks to his clients.It’s really impressive to see something that can take the edge off, help you sleep, help you relax and still wake up the next morning and not feel groggy. It’s not like taking a medication, said Ingegno.Some of the drinks also have warnings about driving after drinking them. Experts are concerned about people drinking too many of these downer drinks in a short time frame, then getting behind the wheel and being impaired.

    While experts race to study the effects of these new drinks they warn that anyone who uses them should take precautions.

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