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    Fish oil supplements are not all created equal

    After watching a couple years of television doctors recommendations, many Americans are now taking fish oil supplements on a daily basis. According to a recent Los Angeles Times article consumer should be aware that all fish oil supplements are not pure as they may claim. According to the article in a Consumer Reports test of fish oil supplements, most passed muster but some didn’t measure up on quality. Lab test results on 15 top brands analyzed for amounts of omega fatty acids, disintegration, spoilage and contaminants. Researchers found that at least one sample from six brands didn’t meet all the standards set. The results were released Tuesday and are available on newsstands. fish oil supplements are believed to help with heart disease, high blood pressure, and psoriasis. Consumer Reports warns that consumers should stick to brands that traditionally are reputable for the best chance of purchasing supplements that are as advertised. Patients who are considering cosmetic surgery procedures, even shorter procedures such as breast augmentation, or liposuction are advised to inform their doctor if they are taking any supplements including fish oil supplements. Fish oil supplements are not recommended for patients who are scheduled for any surgical procedures. It is usually recommended that patients stop taking the supplements a minimum of two weeks prior to surgery. Dr. Kim explains to his patients that just because supplements are considered natural it does not mean that they are safe for patients scheduled for surgery. Patients should disclose every supplement being taken so that there is no confusion as to whether or not the supplements are safe for surgical patients. Patients should also confirm with Dr. Kim when they are permitted to begin taking supplements after surgery.

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