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    Flu shot advised for all; being sick will delay your surgery

    As the fall season is set to begin flu season is upon us. Most medical professionals are urging every adult to get the flu shot . It is understandable that patients would skip the shot and consider it unnecessary. Dr. Kim explains to his patient as they are scheduling surgeries for the fall and winter months that it is very important that they remain healthy in order to keep their selected surgery date. Patients who are scheduled for longer procedures such as abdominoplasty or facelift could have serious scheduling conflicts if they were to get sick with the flu. Most patients take off about two weeks for recovery after these procedures. If they were to get sick with the flu, their surgery would have to be re-scheduled and patients who have jobs with work schedule could need to delay their surgery for months. There is also the risk of getting sick with the flu after surgery when patients are more susceptible to germs. Patients could have a very uncomfortable experience recovering from surgery and the flu at the same time. A flu shot does not guarantee that patients will not get the flu , but it can help reduce the risk. According to KTLA but as the memory and urgency of the 2009 flu pandemic fades, health officials want to make sure Americans continue to turn up for their annual flu shots by offering them in more places and in new forms, including vaccination with a tiny needle designed to make the experience as painless as possible. Eight million more Americans got vaccinated against the flu last year. That is the most people who have ever been vaccinated in this country, Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the CDC, said at a news conference.

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