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    Greek Yogurt and Low Fat Nutritional Benefits

    Finding something that tastes good and is good for you can be challenging even in Southern California. According to recent online news article Greek yogurt is becoming increasingly popular as a low-fat great tasting food option that is not only for dessert. According to the article the food chain Pinkberry is experimenting with Greek yogurt options beyond dessert.

    We have a cucumber yogurt which is fantastic. We also have an olive pesto, and we’re also doing a Caprese, said Laura Jakobsen, a senior vice president of marketing and design, at Pinkberry. Since Greek yogurt is usually mixed with fruit and honey choosing savory tasting vegetables is a choice nutritionists are cheering about. According to nutritionist ,Greek yogurt takes away the whey which gives it that rich creamy thickness, and it is almost always lower in sugar and in carbohydrates. It also tends to be very high in protein. In some instances it may have as much protein as a serving of meat or fish which is about 12 to 18 grams. It is important that people avoid too much honey or adding fattening things like chocolate chips. This could counteract the low-fat nutritional benefits. Dr. Kim encourages patients to eat healthy and exercise especially following body contouring procedures like abdominoplasty or liposuction. It is not true that patients cannot gain weight following liposuction or abdominoplasty procedures. Although the fat is permanently removed, patients do have remaining fat cells that can be overpowered and result in weight gain. Although it is likely that the weight gain will be proportionate to the new body contour, for most patients it is not favorable to gain weight after investing in body contouring procedures. Healthy diet and regular exercise is the best insurance that patient results will last a lifetime.

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