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    Is The Perfect Nose Attainable?

    Most people are surprised to learn that the majority of people believe that their nose is unattractive. Few people when asked would say that their nose was their favorite feature. Rhinoplasty has become more common throughout the years as plastic surgery has become more popular and affordable. Most patients who seek a consultation with Dr. Kim for rhinoplasty are unsure exactly what it is that they do not like about their nose, however, they are certain that they do not like it. Often they tell Dr. Kim that when they look at a photo of themselves their nose is the first thing that they notice. Patients who present themselves to Dr. Kim for rhinoplasty have a multitude of reasons why they do not like their nose. The most common is that the patient feels their nose is too long or has what is called a dorsal hump or a bump on the nose. Some patients also seek rhinoplasty surgery because of difficulty breathing through the nose because of scar tissue from nasal injury or cartilage within the nose that prevents a clear breathing pathway. Some patients specifically seek Dr. Kim services for rhinoplasty because of his artistic skill and talent. Patients seeking ethnic rhinoplasty are typically concerned with maintaining their perception of ethnicity as it relates to the shape, size, and structure of their nose. Dr. Kim informs patients that the rhinoplasty procedure is considered a fairly straightforward procedure in most cases. The procedure is done on an outpatient basis and most patients report that it is not painful. Although results can be seen within 3 to 5 months the final results are visible at about one year.

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