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    Just because it is natural; does not mean it is safe

    Americans have come to believe that organic and natural marketing titles mean that a product is safe. Dr. Kim requires every patient to complete a medical history form prior to surgery. Each patient must disclose every medication that they take on a regular basis. This includes over-the-counter medications as well as prescription medications. Patients who are considering procedures such as breast augmentation or liposuction sometimes feel as though the procedures are relatively routine and that information about vitamins or supplements would be of little concern. The truth is, supplements such as vitamin E and fish oil as well as other supplement can increase bleeding or increase the heart rate. Patients are encouraged to follow Dr. Kim’s instructions prior to surgery and discontinue all required medications. It is important that patients take all medications seriously. According to ABC 7 from sleeping to memory to mood to cholesterol, toxicologist Amitava Dasgupta says there’s something to treat just about everything, but there’s a huge misconception about herbal supplements.

    Anything natural is safe – that is a misconception because there are lots of natural products which are very toxic, said Dasgupta, a professor of pathology laboratory medicine.

    He says Kava Kava, which is used as a natural sleep aid, can cause significant liver damage, including total liver failure, after just a few months of use. Germander, used for general health, can also cause liver failure.

    You have to treat natural products as a drug, said Dasgupta.

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