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    Living with Migraines Is Not Necessary

    Migraine headaches can be debilitating for people who are unfortunate enough to suffer from them. According to recent local news story, Thirty-six-million Americans suffer from migraines. Most are women. The majority do not seek treatment mostly because of the wrong diagnosis or lack of knowledge. A multitude of metabolic changes occur when a person experiences a migraine headache. Dr. Andrew Charles, director of the UCLA Headache Research and Treatment Program, explains that’s the reason patients experience many different symptoms. People can have nausea. Typically there’s sensitivity to light, sound, smell and touch, so there’s sensory sensitivity of all kind, said Charles. Migraine headaches are costly to employers and migraine sufferers alike. Although the article mentioned some lifestyle changes that can help to reduce the frequency and intensity of migraines patient should also be open to cosmetic surgery that has for some patients been successful in treating migraines. Dr. Kim offers the procedures that plastic surgeons have reported as successful for some patients for treating migraine headaches. The procedures include Botox injections combined with a brow lift. The brow lift restrict the muscles in the forehead from tensing and tightening. The Botox injection does the same thing however it is temporary. While there are no guarantees that this treatment will work for everyone the results have been impressive for patients who have decided to have the procedure performed. Botox has FDA approval for the treatment of migraine headaches however patient should be aware that not all insurance companies will cover the treatment. Patients who have the Botox and brow lift treatment at the very least will enjoy a the more youthful look of a smooth forehead.

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