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    One Drink A Day Reduces Stroke Risk in Women Study Says

    Moderate consumption of alcohol has once again been linked to a reduction in the risk of stroke for women according to a new study. According to a recent NBC news story drinking alcohol moderately may lower women’s risk of stroke, according to the new 26-year study of 84,000 women, those who drank low amounts of alcohol — about half of a glass of wine per day, on average — were 17 percent less likely to have a stroke in comparison with women who drank no alcohol. Women who drank about a glass a day were 21 percent less likely to have a stroke than those who drink no alcohol at all. Those who drank alcohol in larger amounts showed no reduction in stroke risk, according to the study. The data are in line with current guidelines for women concerning drinking alcohol, which suggest there is a modest decrease in stroke risk for women who drink less than one drink per day, the researchers was a limited study due to the fact that it summarized. The study showed an association, not a cause-and-effect link, and relied on the participants to report their own alcohol consumption. It is important that women gather information concerning alcohol consumption and their health and are proactive about asking their own personal care physicians the recommendation for their individual health history and overall health. Dr. Kim consults with patients who complain of slight weight gain as a result of a couple of glasses of wine every night with dinner. It is important that patients remember alcohol contains extra calories and as women age it can become increasingly more difficult to maintain a stable weight. Besides reducing the amount of alcohol on a regular basis patients may also want to consider liposuction for small areas of fat that do not appear to respond to diet and exercise. Liposuction is an excellent option for the lower abdomen, outer thighs, and love handles. As a talented artist as well as skilled plastic surgeon Dr. Kim is able to sculpt the body creating incredible results that most patients could not achieve through diet and exercise alone. It is important after body contouring procedures to maintain a disciplined diet and regular exercise in order to enjoy the results for a lifetime.

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