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    Plastic surgery blog: Beverly Hills New Year

    On this very last week of the year, Beverly Hills is abuzz with not only the rich and famous that the world can view on television, but also patients from Southern California and around the world who plan to consult with Dr. Kim as part of their New Year’s resolution for a new , and more youthful looking appearance for 2012. Traditionally this week is a busy week as patients set aside convenient days on the calendar to schedule cosmetic surgery procedures. Many patients are looking for either mid-January which will encompass a federal holiday for Martin Luther King’s birthday or mid February which will encompass a federal holiday for Presidents’ Day. Both January and February will allow the extra day for recovery and works well for procedures including breast augmentation, liposuction, blepharoplasty, and in some cases rhinoplasty. In some cases rhinoplasty patients may have swelling past the 3 to 5 days that would be allowed under a federal holiday. Depending upon the patients work duties, returning to work could be delayed. Dr. Kim cautions patients to carefully review their work schedule and to be aware of the limitations that may be required immediately following surgery. Most patients recover from plastic surgery relatively quickly and without complication. The new year is an excellent time to consider plastic surgery procedures; especially in Beverly Hills with Dr. David Kim. Dr. Kim welcomes out-of-town patients and pays special attention to both preoperative and postoperative instructions to help patients enjoy the same exceptional plastic surgery experience local patients enjoy.

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