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    Plastic surgery blog: Body piercings really are safe

    Body piercing is a controversial part of today’s fashion. According to The Los Angeles Times one of the most broad-based health examinations of body piercing researchers found that the fanatically admired fashioning statement is comparatively safe albeit about 20% of piercings come to be infected. Northwestern University dermatologists analyzed the all-comprehensive safety complications and medical consequences of piercings focusing on the ear, nose, mouth, nipple, navel, and male and female genitalia. They found infections, notwithstanding treatable were by far the most common abnormality followed by allergies, loss of blood, scarring, and blocking of medical procedures such as X ray, or ultrasound. The study was arranged because of a counsel at the Rehabilitation Institute in Chicago that’s exploring the helpfulness of magnetic tongue studs to benefit people with quadriplegia in using computers and functioning wheelchairs. But the safety of a tongue stud is a competent question. Who knows what other anatomic sites for piercings could be adapted in the future? Dr Julia Minocha a coauthor of the paper said in a news release” If a sensor in the tongue can be used to drive a wheelchair other devices that we haven’t even thought of yet might also work.” The authors of study marked that there are deficient regulations on who can perform piercings and no accepted guidelines for health and safety. To conduct their study researchers visited piercing parlors to talk with industry professionals and watch them work. Dr. Kim informs patients who are considering cosmetic surgery that they will be required to remove nipple piercings, genitalia and belly piercings prior to surgery. Patients who are having breast augmentation or abdominoplasty are sometimes concerned if they have existing piercings about the probability that they will need to re-pierce the area. Patients are generally advised to wait six months before piercing the area. Patients are welcome to consult Dr. Kim prior to the piercing to determine if their healing is complete following their cosmetic surgery procedure.

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