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    Plastic surgery blog: Botox for men? Is this really news?

    According to an online industry article Botox for men or the slang term “Brotox” is supposedly a new trend. Those of us who live and work in Southern California specifically Beverly Hills, fail to see the novelty of what many media outlets call the desire for men to look good. In this day and age it is not just about looking good it is also about looking better, more youthful, and more energized. It should not surprise most people that men would consider Botox or other cosmetic procedures. When you consider the competitive nature of men celebrated in our culture it is quite possible that this could carry over into the area of appearance. It is possible that this has become more of an issue lately due to a fiercely competitive job market in a post economic climate. It is not uncommon for men to feel that they may be passed over for new opportunities because they look older, less energetic, and less youthful. Dr. Kim encourages his mail client to embrace their best possible appearance. There are many procedures including Botox injections, liposuction, and brow lift that can benefit the overall appearance of most men. Dr. Kim has the expertise and artistic skill to assure that his male patients not only look better but still continue to look like themselves. Traditionally, male patients are most fearful of looking different and looking made over. Even in our celebrity environment, this is not the desire of most men. Dr. Kim offers a host of before and after photos as well as an in-depth one-on-one consultation to put fears of cosmetic surgery that men may have at ease. Being a good-looking man, especially in Southern California is not a trend; it’s practically an expectation!

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