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    Plastic surgery blog: Exercise after cancer diagnosis helps

    The benefits of exercise can never be underestimated when it comes to health and wellness. A recent Los Angeles Times article highlighted the benefits of exercise even for those who are cancer survivors. According to the article breast cancer patients who exercised showed improvements in body mass index, weight and blood sugar control, and had better lower limb strength. They also had less fatigue and depression and had an improved quality of life. For those with other types of cancer, improvements were seen in BMI and body weight, oxygen consumption and hand-grip strength (fitness measures), as well as depression and quality of life. It is promising not only to see survivors from cancer but also to know that the quality of life can be something people newly diagnosed can look forward to. Dr. Kim advises his breast augmentation, breast lift, and breast reduction patients to be diligent concerning their breast health. Patients who are diagnosed early with breast cancer greatly increase their chances of survival. It is advised the women follow the American Cancer Society’s recommendation which includes monthly breast self exam as well as yearly mammograms after 40 years of age. Patients who have a strong family history should consult their primary care physician to determine the best form of early detection for their specific situation. Dr. Kim is committed to helping his patients not only enjoy the results of cosmetic surgery but also their quality of life.

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