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    Plastic surgery blog: In an improving economy, which procedures are best?

    As we approach 2012 with the hopes of an improving economy a consumer may question which plastic surgery procedures make the most sense both economically and for long-term aesthetic value. The answer can vary greatly based on the patient and the patient’s desires. Dr. Kim explains to his patients that in competitive work environments which still exist, facial procedures can make a dramatic difference on a person’s first impression during a job interview. Dr. Kim recommends patients look at their face and concentrate on each individual area that causes them to look less youthful. For most patients the eyes, both of the upper eyelids as well as bags and circles beneath the eyes almost always show signs of aging. In this case, Dr. Kim would recommend it blepharoplasty which can treat the upper eyelids by removing a small sliver of skin which, once sutured is virtually undetectable. Most patients also choose to treat the lower eye area removing the” bags” under the eyes allowing the patient to look much more rested and youthful. The recovery time is relatively short(less than 10 days) and the pain is considered mild. For some patients who also have a low brow, Dr. Kim may recommend a brow lift in conjunction with the blepharoplasty. These procedures are affordable and an excellent value for patients who need to compete in the workforce as the economy improves and better job opportunities become available. Southern California, especially Beverly Hills and Los Angeles are famous for high standards and value placed upon a youthful and energetic look.

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