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    Plastic surgery blog: India for plastic surgery… Think first

    The idea of traveling abroad until now was mostly for pleasure. Thanks to the Internet and global access, consumers are now comfortable with traveling most anywhere without much forethought. This thinking is what has allowed India to become a medical tourism attraction. According to a recent industry article, in accompaniment with budget costs, India boasts world class medical facilities and English speaking doctors according to the Vancouver Sun. They announced that medical tourism is becoming more customary in India specifically the cosmetic surgery component which business experts say is growing between 20 and 30 percent annually. It is anticipated that the number of medical tourists in India is expected to reach one million this year. While there are no statistics accessible concerning problems arising from plastic surgeries performed abroad, complications such as serious infections and even casualties are not unheard of according to The Huffington Post. As seen with the exorbitant case of rupture in the French PIP breast implants, what is regulated and standard in other countries is not all the time passable in the US, and for competent reason. It is affirmed that over 300,000 women have had PIP implants around the world and many are coming forward to be subjected to them replaced or explanted. A recent survey in the medical publication Aesthetic Surgery Journal established that over 80% of US plastic surgeons polled have dealt with complications from surgery performed abroad. The predominance of patients had breast augmentation and body contouring procedures and most needed many operations and hospitalization due to their complications. The number one complication was infection, followed by dehiscence or rupture, improper contours, and hematoma. Dr. Kim cautions patients that when leaving the country they must consider not only the surgery, but also the fact that follow-up care will be limited at best. Even in the best case scenario complications can arise from surgery. Patients should be leery of what they consider to be a bargain. Patients who have needed additional care within the United States after having plastic surgery abroad typically triple their cost based on what the procedure would have cost in the US initially. Patients who are considering breast augmentation abroad not only need to be clear about the type of implants and the manufacturer ,but also concerning the warranties and if in fact they transfer to the US. Body contouring procedures including abdominoplasty and liposuction are huge gamble, as the travel back to the US is several hours by plane, and after these procedures the risk for blood clots are increased. The risks in most cases outweigh the illusion of financial benefit.

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