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    Plastic surgery blog: Keep it secret if you want to lose weight

    We’ve all been told if you want to succeed in changing a habit, tell others and they will hold you accountable. Now,it seems as though, at least with dieting the opposite is true. If you want to succeed in losing weight do not tell anyone. According to the Los Angeles Times as human beings we have a difficult time with change, Jon Walz MD said. So when someone we love alters his or her lifestyle, we have a problem dealing with it — even if that transformation is positive. (They) will try to change them back to what the culture tolerates, he said. The article goes on to explain the pressure of outsiders watching your every move that is related to food or other things that could affect dieting adds to failure. Successful dieting is difficult by most every account and keeping it a secret could be as difficult as keeping the weight off once it is lost. For patients who are able to lose the weight and maintain the weight loss it can be discouraging for patients to see that their breasts have lost volume as well as shape. In these cases Dr. Kim may recommend a breast augmentation combined with breast lift. For healthy patients these can be done in combination with each other and most patients choose silicone breast implants for this surgery. The degree of the breast lift will be determined by the amount of sagging to the breast. As an artist and surgeon is Dr. Kim’s goal to achieve the best result with the least amount of incisions necessary. Patients are commonly thrilled with the results and the incisions from the breast lift are typically undetectable within six months to a year under normal lighting.

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