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    Plastic surgery blog: Lifts for the economy!

    Cosmetic surgery has enjoyed a roaring surge back into the spotlight, According to a recent Los Angeles Times article there has been a surge in lifts, upper arm lifts ,lower body lifts, butt lifts, breast lifts, and some of these procedures have experienced development of close to 600 percent in the secondary decade according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons which recently released its 2011 statistics. A rise in bariatric surgeries which reduce the size of an obese person’s stomach could be driving many people who have lost significant weight to seek lifts to get rid of loose hanging skin according to society President Dr Malcolm Roth, who also is the chief of the division of plastic surgery at Albany Medical Center in New York. The rise in lifts contrasts with dips in other more customary cosmetic surgery procedures including liposuction which dropped along with the economy though numbers suggest a rebound said Roth. Cosmetic surgeries were up 5% percent over 2010. Minimally obtrusive surgeries such as Botox, and fillers have been recording increased numbers all through the decade, perhaps in part because of the dashed economy says Roth because they’re more affordable and don t necessitate as much time off from work. Technological advances in the interim have boosted the success and influence in laser treatments. In Southern California cosmetic surgery procedures that include most every type of lift have always been top priority in most practices. Dr. Kim advises patients that lifting procedures including facelift and breast lift are not only for patients who have lost significant amounts of weight. Often times these lifting procedures are necessary primarily because of the aging process. Even patients who are good about diet and exercise, and are healthy will lose fat beneath the skin surface as part of the aging process. For this reason, fat transfer and dermal fillers are an excellent source for facial rejuvenation. Dr. Kim reminds patients that the key to natural looking facial rejuvenation is starting at the beginning of noticeable aging.

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