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    Plastic surgery blog: Nice nose; you’re hired!

    In a perfect world getting hired would have nothing to do with your looks. According to a recent Los Angeles Times article, in these competitive times plastic surgery has become the choice of many. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons the age 40-54 makes up approximately half of all cosmetic procedures. For the first time since preceding the recession in 2007 facelifts saw an ample upturn in 2007 increasing by nine percent. The procedure is recently in the top 5 predominate surgeries being performed replacing tummy tucks. Injectables like Botox persevere to be habitual as being a bit of an expeditious fix that doesn’t necessitate much time out of work and is relatively inexpensive compared to a more invasive procedure. The ASPS reports injectables grew by 12 percent last year. Nearly 14 million cosmetic plastic surgery procedures both surgical and minimally invasive were performed in the U S in 2011. That s up five percent since 2010. So, should plastic surgery be advised when it comes to getting hired? Mimi Fuger a volunteer program coordinator with Career Steps West Michigan with more than 2 decades of Human Resources experience says in part to remember going under the knife is not just a career decision but a way of life choice. Fuger and other volunteers at the non-profit organization help job seekers learn tips and tricks to land employment. The group also works with those looking to change-over or adjust up their career. Appearance is an essential ingredient in the job quest process Fuger told FOX News in part. If you’re healthy and attractive and take care of yourself no matter what age you are, that is going to be the preceding characteristic. Fuger added in part, though there may be considerations Career Steps West Michigan encourages its clients to seek a more holistic disposition in adjunct to revising the resume and brushing up on interview skills. It is understandable that no one would advise plastic surgery as the ace in the hole for landing a job, but the reality is that the competition is stiff. Dr. Kim advises patients to create a plan to choose procedures that will be most beneficial in achieving their most youthful appearance, when the goal is to stand out in the interview process. These procedures typically include blepharoplasty, brow lift, and Botox injections. While a facelift may be part of the plan at a later time for some patients it is not the best immediate recommendation. Dr. Kim encourages his patients to consult with him, and together they can create the most appropriate plan for helping the patient achieve their goals.

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