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    Plastic surgery blog: The Grammys

    It would not be Southern California, specifically Beverly Hills if we did not address plastic surgery at the Grammys. Of course, we know that plenty of celebrities have chosen different cosmetic plastic surgery procedures. According to the Orange County Register plastic surgery was well represented Sunday night at the Grammys. Speculation swirled as to whether or not Nikki Manaj had a rhinoplasty, and there was applause for Jane Seymour and what most agree was a very natural looking 61-year-old. Cyndi Lauper was criticized for what the readers felt was too much plastic surgery and a very unnatural look. Paul McCartney appeared to also have had obvious plastic surgery which should not come as a huge surprise after a well-publicized divorce and new marriage. While watching celebrities at the Grammys and guessing which procedures they have had done is tongue-in-cheek fun, the reality is they are in the spotlight and do not represent the majority of the population. Dr. Kim helps his patients to realize that the goal is to help each patient achieve their best appearance. This is personal and will change as patient’s age. For example, patients in their early 20s who consult with Dr. Kim for breast augmentation may have very different desires then patients who are in their 50s consulting with Dr. Kim for breast augmentation. Dr. Kim is careful to take not only the patient’s health and lifestyle into account but also their expectations prior to making a recommendation. Most patients are thrilled to have the opportunity to enjoy their best appearance regardless of their age.

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