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    Plastic surgery blog: Vanity is beneficial

    It may prove to be true that vanity is the source of sanity. Here in Beverly Hills, California there is no shortage of examples of vanity. Dr. Kim shares with patients the goals of cosmetic plastic surgery. Rarely is it only about feeding a person’s quest to be the best looking person in any given situation. Usually, patients want to feel better about the way they look and boost their self confidence. Patients who choose to have facial rejuvenation procedures including facelift for blepharoplasty sometimes struggle with the idea of making an investment in their looks. However, after making the decision many patients say that it was the best decision they ever made because it benefited so much more than their looks. Patients look the most attractive when they feel confident about their looks. So in many ways vanity can be a good thing. According to The Los Angeles Times The desire to look good can be a powerful motivator for achieving health and fitness.

    People are hard-wired to strive to look better because it brings benefits throughout life, be it in mate selection, employment opportunities, salary or life in general, I was told by Gordon Patzer, a professor of business administration at Roosevelt University in Chicago and the author of six books on the physical attractiveness phenomenon.

    Patzer explained that there is actually a beauty premium paid to good-looking people. On average, in the U.S., they make 5% more than average-looking people, who in turn make 10% more than those deemed unattractive. So anyone who transforms from hippo to hottie can expect to earn nearly 16% more a year. No wonder beauty is such big business.

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