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    Plastic surgery blog: Vitamins more regulation is suggested

    Vitamins and dietary supplements have become a staple in modern medicine. While it is debatable the extents that they are effective in our overall health most medical experts agree that they do have some value. According to recent Los Angeles Times article Since 1994, those selling novel products have been required to provide federal regulators with evidence supporting a product’s reasonable expectation of safety. In a New England Journal of Medicine Perspective article published this week, Dr. Pieter Cohen, assistant professor of Medicine at Harvard University, makes the argument that the very vague standard is rarely enforced by the FDA. According to the article the FDA is stepping up standards for achieving consistent standards that can be documented and verified. The FDA basically wants to see evidence of historical use as well as evidence of testing that proves the supplements are in fact safe. Dr. Kim reminds his patients who are considering cosmetic surgery that when providing medical information concerning their history all supplements should be included in that information. This includes weight loss supplements as well as herbal supplements. Contrary to popular belief, some vitamins and herbal supplements are not safe to take prior to surgery. Dr. Kim provides a list to patients of medications including vitamins and supplements that should be avoided prior to surgery. Patients should also check with Dr. Kim prior to beginning vitamins and supplements following their surgery procedure. Patient should never assume that because they are only having injectable services or more popular procedures such as breast augmentation or liposuction that the vitamin and supplement information is not important. Every surgery and cosmetic procedure should the approach with seriousness and focus on patient safety.

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