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    Plastic surgery blog: Youthfulness vs. being young

    Unless you have been living under a rock, you’re aware that Demi Moore was recently hospitalized due to what her publicist say was exhaustion. Subsequently according to her publicist she is receiving medical help for her overall health. Most news articles referenced her marriage to Ashton Kutcher ending and causing much of her emotional pain. The overriding inference is that Demi Moore does not like the concept of growing older. More specifically she does not like the look that comes with growing older or the inevitable mortality that comes with it. If most of us are honest we don’t like it either. The difference is that Ms. Moore has to face it in the public eye. Nowhere is this obsession with youth more evident than where we are in Beverly Hills. There is a very distinct difference between youthfulness and being young. Being young is something that is out of our control, it is based on chronological age and no one can change that. On the other hand, youthfulness is totally within our control. We can act, think, feel, and yes look young. Plastic surgery embraces the idea of looking younger and better than you would without it. Dr. David Kim empathizes with his patients and their desire to maintain our most youthful and attractive appearance at every stage of their lives. Offering patients options that include both noninvasive procedures including Botox and fillers as well as surgical procedures like facelift, and laser surgery allows patients the tools to achieve the looks that they desire. Most patients understand that plastic surgery is an enhancement for what is on the outside. A healthy mind and body are also an essential part of maintaining your best most youthful appearance.

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