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    Scoliosis screening may be done with saliva

    Women who are considering breast augmentation seldom consider the alignment of their spine. Dr. Kim explains to his patients that breast implants sit on the chest wall. This means that when patients have asymmetry due to curvature of the spine patients need to be made aware that the differences in the location of the mammary folds will remain as noticeable after surgery as before surgery. As an artist Dr. Kim is able to anticipate aesthetically which implant style will look best. In some patients he may choose a high profile, or moderate profile implants to achieve better symmetry. Scoliosis does not eliminate a patient from being a good candidate for breast augmentation. Patients should be prepared and have realistic expectations. Patients are now screened routinely for scoliosis in hopes of early treatment. According to ABC7 a new test called ScoliScore allows doctors to screen with saliva.

    There is a genetic test available today that helps us a least predicate or predict how fast the scoliosis will progress, said Dr. Anand.

    The ScoliScore test is performed in the physician’s office by collecting a saliva sample, which is sent to a lab for two or three weeks. The test then assigns a numerical value to the patient between one to 200.

    If you have a high score, you have a high probability you’re going to progress and develop significant scoliosis. If u have a low score, your probability of developing scoliosis or progressing scoliosis is very low, said Dr. Anand.

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