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    So Many Anesthesias To Z

    In an attempt to release your fears a bit, as far as the anesthesia part of your plastic surgery goes, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery would like to provide you with basic, but important, information about anesthesia as well as the different types that are used.

    Anesthesia plays a major roll in all plastic surgery procedures. It also plays a major roll on many patients’ list of concerns. If a patient has never undergone anesthesia, they may fear the effects of it, or simply may fear the experience of being unconscious.

    A local anesthesia is only used local to where the surgery is taking place, hence the name, local anesthesia. This type of anesthesia will not put you to sleep so you will be awake during the entire procedure. This type of anesthesia will usually come in the form of ointment or injection.

    Sedating is a different type of anesthesia</strong>. With this type of anesthesia, the patient is given a solution through intravenous injection. This type of anesthesia will leave you awake, though you will be very drowsy and more than likely unable to remember the actual surgery part.

    A regional anesthesia is quite similar to sedation in that you are still awake, drowsy, and likely unable to remember the procedure. Though, this type of anesthesia creates a block against the surrounding nerves in the direct area of the body that the procedure is being performed.

    Fourth and foremost, is a general anesthesia. This reigns as the most common and well known types of anesthesia. It will put you asleep during the entire procedure and you will not remember anything that happens during that time. It is injected or inhaled when given.

    Please note that after undergoing any type of anesthesia, it is required to fully recover from its effects prior to leaving the facility. You will be placed in a recovery room following the plastic surgery procedure, and a nurse will be there to observe you as you recover. Upon recovering, your plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Kim, will provide you with a specific list of instructions corresponding to your exact type of anesthesia and the surgery you received to ensure proper recovery and results.

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