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    Still in search of the perfect sleep drug

    As pharmaceutical companies fight to be the first to market with newer, stronger, sleeping pills few question what is keeping Americans awake? For many women it is a hormonal issue as they approach menopause. Many women do not want to take drugs and would rather address the issues that are bothering them the most. Some patients tell Dr. Kim that after menopause they now have a pear shaped bottom that they do not like. For some, this includes an abdomen with extra fat and loose skin. For others, it also includes excess fat on the outer thighs. Dr. Kim is likely to recommend an abdominoplasty combined with liposuction of the outer thighs when patients are concerned about the entire contour and shape of the bottom half of their figure. Feeling better and more confident about the way that they look helps many women to regain healthy sleeping patterns. According to My Fox LA several pharmaceutical companies are working on new approaches to treat insomnia in the US, The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday.The compounds are meant to work differently than current leading sleep aids such as Ambien and Lunesta, which, while generally safe, can have troubling side effects because they act on many areas of the brain.By contrast, many of the drugs being developed target particular systems responsible for sleep and wakefulness. The hope is that they will have fewer side effects and less potential for addiction and cognition problems the next day.

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