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    Study Says Massage Really Does Help Unidentified Back Pain

    Back pain can be debilitating and affect the quality of life substantially. Patients who have extremely large breasts often complain of back, shoulder, and neck pain. While massage will temporarily help to relieve some of the pain ,the source(extremely large breast) will continue to cause pain. Dr. Kim explains to his patients that breast reduction surgery removes the excess breast tissue which in most cases takes the added pressure off of the shoulders, neck, and lower back. Dr. Kim uses his artistic ability to create a look that will remain proportionate with the patient’s body frame. Some patients are fearful that they will be too small after surgery and therefore their bottom half will look larger than their top half. Dr. Kim assures them that he takes into consideration all of the measurements for breast reduction patients. It is important that patients identify the source of back pain when massage or other alternative treatments are not effective at relieving pain. According to The Los Angeles Times massage therapy may beat medication when it comes to back pain. According to a new government-funded study, massage therapy may be better than medication or exercise for easing lower back pain, at least in the short term. Researchers looked at 400 adults who had low back pain for at least three months with no identified cause. They divided the group into three: people who received traditional medical care without massage – including medications or physical therapy; those who got a relaxation or Swedish massage; and those who had structural massages – a technique which targets tissues and joint structures.

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