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    The Different Types Of Breast Lifts

    With breast surgeries becoming more and more popular, it’s time we all learn a little more about them. This knowledge could help you in your decision of whether or not you’re prepared to undergo such procedures.

    A ’full mastopexy’ is a widely used technique due to its great success in producing a perfect shape and readjusting the position of the breast. During this particular procedure, any excess skin is removed and the position of the breast is adjusted as well as the size of the areola. This technique will ultimately leave a scar in three separate locations: the peri-areolar area, the inframammary fold and a vertical incision from the areola to the crease.

    A ’breast lift’ is a surgical procedure used to improve the general appearance of the breast. Mastopexy is a more technical term for this procedure. If the breasts are sagging or drooping, having a mastopexy performed will lift the breast as well as reposition the nipple and areola. In the event that a patient decides they would like to have implants inserted, in addition to this procedure, in order to enlarge the breasts, it then becomes known as a breast augmentation rather than just a basic lift.

    ’Modified breast lifts’ pertain to any other breast lift technique. A few can be performed to help minimize the amount of scarring that normally occurs with a full mastopexy. A ’donut’ breast lift is a technique where scarring is only found around the areola. Similar to this is the ’crescent’ mastopexy, which also has scarring only around the areola. The main difference between the two is that the ’crescent’ breast lift removes more tissue from the area above the areola. The last ’M.B.L.’ technique is the ’lollipop’ lift. This procedure uses an incision around the nipple and extends down to the crease beneath the breast. Using modified breast lifts will generally leave you with less scarring in any case though. The only con that comes associated with these is that they don’t create as much of a change as a full breast lift will.

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