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    The Eyes- Both Vision and Appearance Are Important

    As we age, both our vision and the appearance of our eyes can change dramatically. According to recent online article some nutrients can delay the inevitable vision loss and possible eye disease that can occur as we age, more and more research suggests. Unfortunately most claims by supplement manufacturers about the magic powers of eye-friendly antioxidants are usually more hype than truth. Of course carrots have long been believed to be a magical sight enhancer, other foods, including dark, green leafy vegetables, could have an even greater impact on your eyes. Studies over the last few decades suggest that people whose diets are high in proven effective antioxidants such as vitamin C, E, zinc, or carotenoid plant pigments such as beta-carotene or lutein are at less risk to develop common age-related eye diseases, said Julie Mares, a professor of ophthalmology and visual sciences at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Dr. Kim encourages patients that along with vision patient should also consider the appearance of their eyes as they age. Droopy eyelids are quite common as patient’s age; however, many believe they should wait until it impairs their vision before they should consider blepharoplasty. The reality is addressing droopy eyelids before they are a vision related concern is much more effective because the laxity of the skin is better for younger patients. Also, it gives Dr. Kim the opportunity to treat both droopy eyelids as well as the lower eye area which often includes bags and loose skin. Your eyes should express not only health and vitality but also youthfulness.

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