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    Tom Cruise looking VERY young!

    When Tom Cruise appeared with his much younger wife for the Mission Impossible premiere everyone was aghast at how young Tom looked. Of course, here in Southern California we knew that he had help to maintain his youthful looks. Speculation ran throughout the media. The Orange County Register reported that the Daily Mail suggests that Tom Cruise has been getting Botox injections and quotes a source as saying the actor also borrows from wife Katie Holmes’ cosmetic drawer. It says: “With no wrinkles visible on his smooth forehead, Cruise seems to have the appearance of a man significantly younger — with only the slight increase in laughter lines around his eyes giving away his age.” It’s interesting when speculation swirls because someone looks too good! Dr. Kim encourages his patients, especially the male patients, to be proactive about maintaining their youthful looks. One lesson we can learn from celebrities like Tom Cruise is that small things done along the way go a long way. For men, at the very least Botox injections and injectable fillers like Restylane can do wonders. Around the age of 40 men should also consider blepharoplasty ( eyelid lift) for a more open and alert look. In some cases a brow lift may also be necessary in order to complete the look. Men should not be afraid that after surgery they will look feminine. As an artist, Dr. Kim is careful to preserve the masculinity of the face for men while enhancing the attributes that signify youthfulness. Let’s face it, not only in Southern California but throughout the world a youthful and beautiful appearance goes a long way!

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