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    You Can Reduce Stress

    Stress does not have to be a part of everyday life. According to a recent Huffington Post article there are some very good ways to reduce stress in your life. According to the article one way is meditation. The recommendation is that you do this daily in a safe quiet place. One other recommended stress reliever is to listen to music. Many say that music stirs the soul and can change a mood to positive very quickly. Another to suggestions are exercising and journaling. These procedures performed together can be very effective. Reducing alcohol intake is another suggestion for reducing stress. Some studies suggest that too much alcohol actually increases stress rather than relieving it. Getting a massage can produce positive stress relieving effects. The proper amount of sleep is essential for life free from stress. Interestingly enough the article did not recommend cosmetic surgery procedures as an option for relieving stress. Dr. Kim finds that his patients tell him that after choosing to have cosmetic surgery they tend to relieve situations that were once stressful in their life. For example, many women become stressed when their clothes no longer fit especially as they age. Often these patients tell Dr. Kim that they are concerned because they have not changed their diet or exercise habits yet they have unsightly bulges in places that were not there before. Dr. Kim will typically recommend liposuction and if there is loose and lax skin and abdominoplasty may be necessary to remove the skin. Dr. Kim uses his artistic skill to create a natural and more aesthetically pleasing contour. Dr. Kim’s patients are thrilled with the results and tell him that they no longer stress over wardrobe selections.

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