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    A fat bank to store fat… sounds dreamy

    Believe it or not there is a trademarked fat storage business called Liquid Gold that was reported in the Orando Sentinel. According to,an online womens oriented website, it’s only recently that a potentially effective fat-storage method has even been developed, which is why previously, fat had to either be disposed of, or used immediately. Critics say stored fat is only potentially effective–the Sentinel quoted one doctor with doubts, who stated that “Animal data shows that frozen fat doesn’t hold up as well as fresh fat.” Human fat, it seems, is wily and difficult to control, even at freezing temperatures. But, according to the Liquid Gold™ website, the “lipobank” is registered with the FDA, and the process (which includes cleaning and stabilizing the fat before storage) has already been used with great success. Dr Kim warns patients of the too good to be true aspects of storing fat. Patients who are having liposuction will likely spend more than just the fees for storing the fat. The extra time necessary to prepare the fat plus the labor will most likely be added to the cost of the surgery. Fat injections rarely make dramatic improvements in a persons contour. Since about 70% is absobed by the body only about 30% remains for added contour. If patients want to store fat for later use they should be clear as to their reason for doing so and weigh the benefits versus the cost.

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