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    Unhealthy snacks at the gym? Where are the nutrition police?

    In an economically challenged environment it is not that surprising that the gym have resorted to vending machines to capture the dedicated audience at their time of hunger or thirst. A recent online news magazine blasted the vending machine industry for putting unhealthy snacks in vending machines at the gym. The article states that the products in the vending machine are unhealthy yet label and disguised as healthy products.Fortunately,as adults we choose what we want to buy and eat in most cases. Logic would have it that if vending machines were not profitable in that location they would be removed. Given the choice, the majority of people pick the item that taste the best. Plastic surgeons have also been criticized for passing out cards or other advertisements in the gym. Dr. Kim explains to his patients who feel guilty about considering plastic surgery procedures like liposuction or abdominoplasty that many patients have these procedures performed because of fat deposits or loose skin that has come as a result of either hormonal changes or pregnancy. Neither one of the situations, happens as a result of being lazy or making unhealthy choices.Breast augmentation is also an enhancement procedure that women choose mostly to feel better about their overall appearance and for a more proportionate shape. Patients should keep an open mind about plastic surgery and the reasons so many patients choose to have procedures.

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