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    Anesthesia drug shortages could hurt hospitals

    There has been recent industry news that indicates there may be a shortage of drugs used for anesthesia available in hospitals for the treatment of patients. A recent online industry article told of such surgical supply shortages and warned that anesthesiologist should be proactive in determining if in fact their hospital is at risk and if there are alternative assure patient safety. There are many theories as to why the shortage exists. Many factors contribute to medication shortages, such as product recalls and shortages of raw materials. A surge in demand can cause shortages even when manufacturing and supply are unaffected. Shortages are especially acute for sterile injectable medications because of the many complex steps involved in their manufacture. Current inventory management practices, such as short inventories and just in time production schedules, also play a role. For cosmetic plastic surgery patients the good news is, typically this will not apply to our population. Dr. Kim explains to his patients that as an ASPS plastic surgeon with the experience and expertise to select qualified medical professionals to administer anesthesia medications he is able to assure his patients that the proper amount of medication will be a administered to ensure the best results and safety. The overriding goal is to use the least amount of sedative necessary to achieve the best results and safety. For example, patients may be able to have procedures including blepharoplasty, temple brow lift, and small areas of liposuction using oral sedation instead of anesthesia. Dr. Kim is able to achieve stellar results and ensure patients comfort and safety. When anesthesia is used patients can rest assured that Dr. Kim will not cut corners or compromise the safety of his patients.

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