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    Love yourself through the holiday

    It is easy to get tied up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays. According to a recent online article entering the holiday season with focus and specific intention for enjoyment makes it more likely that the season will be an enjoyable one. Some of the suggestions in the article include eating in moderation. It can be very easy to overindulge when visiting friends who have homemade cookies, holiday dishes, and fruitcake offered every time you enter a different home. Not to mention holiday parties, and office potluck lunches.

    Overindulgence can leave you feeling guilty and regretful. Another suggestion is to maintain a healthy regimen. This should include working out, eating right, and getting plenty of sleep. Also included as a suggestion, was nurturing and taking care of existing relationships. This is important in every aspect of life as people do better in life when they have a strong support system.

    Last, but not least of the suggestions was to take care of your own well-being; body and soul.

    Dr. Kim encourages patients to consider the holidays as an exceptional time to take advantage of many of the procedures offered in his practice. Patients who are given holiday vacation time often use the time to recover from their procedure. Procedures such as breast augmentation, blepharoplasty, or small areas of liposuction typically only need about 4-5 days for recovery so these work perfectly over a short holiday weekend. The holidays are also excellent for many patients because they are likely to have family and friends available to help with support and recovery. Best of all, patients love the idea of a new look for the New Year.

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